Automatic machines and CHC


  • Machine used to screw from downwards to upwards a series of five faucets preassembled in framework by the operator, the screwing happens automatically in a sequential order: two screws at the same time. The machine is equipped with two workspaces with rotating tables.
  • Applied framework, for the collection of the finished boilers from assembly line. The framework is lightened with aluminum, provided with regulation which doesn’t need the pieces to be disassembled, in all of the three sides, and it’s possible to pick up the boiler to rotate it horizontally to work on its back and then to rotate it vertically to deposit it on the pellet, all of it of course in complete safety, without any risk of any kind of fall.
  • Machine for the CNC making of six meters long bars intended to become “Guide for Elevators’ Doors”, with holes/tapings/flaring and drawing cut, with final piece’s codification for its identification.
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