Who we Are


Silver srl has been using fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting resins for more than 30 years to manufacture tanks, pipes and pipe fittings.
We design and manufacture equipments, in Italy and abroad , for technologically advanced industries. Silver srl offers a wide range of products from standard equipments to specific application items custom tailored.
Silver srl on the base of own know-how and experience successfully deals with several technical problems in the field of fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting resins.

The technical and manufacturing Silver srl developments in the last years have been involving engineering and construction know-how focused on :
  • heat exchanger / steam condensers
  • water and gas treatment plants
  • mixing and reactor equipments

  • Fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting resins and metallic materials are used.

    Our production is specifically oriented for the following industrial plants:
  • chemicals
  • oil production
  • brewing and distillery
  • petrolchemicals
  • food processing
  • electric
  • plating operation
  • offshore
  • mining
  • marine
  • power plants
  • pulp and papaer
  • water treatment
  • pollution control